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4 Pack Clips

4 Pack Clips

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4 Pack Single Colors

Hippy Co. Clips! Think butterfly clips but magic edition. We are so excited to offer these beautiful matte pastel hair clips. There are 10 different color of clips. Peach, orange, purple, fuchsia, green, periwinkle, teal, hot pink, light pink, and yellow.


Option for 4 pack singles are available but will not last.


Photobums 60 image 4x6 albums measure 6.5” x 5” 3/4 1” x 3/4

Care information

To ensure proper care of your photobum please read here. Before placing your 4x6 images into your photobums book you’ll carefully separate the seal at the top of each insert entirely to avoid damaging your pages. When you’re not enjoying your album be sure to put it out of the way of food, drinks or other potentially damaging items.

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The insides of each of these books will tell many different stories, the memories will differ, the nostalgia will overcome some with laughter, love, some with tears and all of us with the memory of what once was.